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Let me help you generate your next 200 clients or customers. Coming from someone who services at least 400 businesses and business owners monthly, more than that each month

I’d tell you that getting customers and selling to them isn’t as hard as you think, you just need to know what to do.

Whatever you are industry you are currently into, whether it’s beauty or real estate, tech, cake making or even consulting or your personal brand , I want to help achieve 200 customers max for your business and enjoy the profits you  deserve.

I am glad you came to check this out. If you are reading this, it means you are ready to start making changes  to scale your business.  I would not want to waste time but at the same time, I would warn you that if you know you will not read to the end of the page and take action, DO NOT CONTINUE , so let's get straight to it.

Before we proceed i think it would be really nice to do some introduction i am Obi Benignn Nnamdi(Sales_man_Obi)

Obi  Benignn

Selling is made easy if principles are followed which means there is a process that should be followed. I am sure you have seen a lot of processes out there but the simple and short process i am about to show you generated $20,000  in sales for a top company in nigeria in less than 60 days.

The Good News is that you can also replicate this process. Let's head straight into it.

  •  Attraction - One thing you must note is that people do not buy from who they don't know, In a day, I get requests from over 200 people. The more people see, they are most likely to buy from you. To be at the top of my game i use two structures for this. Brand strategy and Content marketing. I would not go into them here but let me tell you that clients are also looking for you but you have to do the right things to help them find you. Its like raising up the card at the airport to find someone. 
  • Interest - you have to be able the interest your prospects  because you know not everyone will buy from you the first time they text you. You can build interest and do much in their minds that they only think of you. You also do not want to bore your prospects, you want to turn them to paying customers. You want to create value in such a way that they go to look for money to buy from you. I see most people and brands create too much or little content and to worsen the case, they create value that doesn’t solve problems for their customers.
  • Desires: This part is quite not so difficult because all you are trying to do is make clients make up their mind. Most customers take too much time in making their minds and you need them to buy your products, the strategy of desire building is so good that instead of you calling them, its them calling you. I can remember when i used this strategy about a month to sell a product of 1500$ in one day.
  • Selling: Everyone thinks selling is trying to push your product in front of people and force them to buy, selling is more than that, selling is positioning, branding, relationship, content and so much more. You also know that you can only say you have made a sale when you have received the credit alert. Selling is easy I have used the above mentioned to make over 60k in just one of my businesses.

Introducing, Selling Made Easy Vidbook.

Before i go on to tell you the price, let's go deep into what you will be gaining.

REVITALIZE-- This is a deep dive into the psychology of selling, where i would break down the 

  • Limitations of selling

  • What you need to start selling expensive products

  • Mindset shift.

  • Selling Habits.

  • My special Selling strategy that guarantees sales everyday.

BRAND STRATEGY: In this module, i would be showing you practical steps to activate the perfect brand strategy:

  • Discovering Your Why.

  • Market Domination.

  • Positioning Strategy.

  • Brand Identity.

At the end of this, You can replicate what you earned in other businesses and get the same results…

Content Plan - In this module we will be learning about things like

  • Content Plan.
  • Content Marketing.
  • My $1000 strategy.
  • Content Revamp.

You would also be getting a template you can use for your business.

Selling: This is my favorite part because it's very practical and it gets you all you need.

I’m sure you are tired of hearing, I’ll get back to you or clients say they are no longer interested after months of follow up. In this Module, you will be learning Customer Attraction strategy.

Objection handling

  • How to generate your choice customers.
  • Customer servicing that makes them return.
  • Selling To 200 People Monthly.
  • The strategy I used to sell my first 1 million without even owning a single product.
  • All this you get and as a bonus i would be adding my advertising course which contains

Module 1 

Barrel Marketing System...

  • Understanding Marketing / Advertising.
  • Finding out what works.
  • Designing buyer persona.
  • Designing 6-figure sales funnel.

Module 2

Advert Model...

  • Facebook Advertising.
  • Google Advertising.
  • Instagram Advertising.
  • Free Donor.
  • WhatsApp Ads.
  • Step by step to raise 200k from WhatsApp.
  • Growing your Instagram from 0 to 1k in a week.
  • Generating engagements.

Module 3

Facebook Advertising...

  • Facebook ads format.
  • Grouping ads by niche / business.
  • Billing Solutions.
  • Running live ads.

Module 4

Lead Generation...

  • How to generate customers from Facebook without them living Facebook
  • How to do lead generation without a website.
  • How to install Facebook pixels.
  • How to decide what ads to run in your business.

Module 5

Content Marketing...

  • Drafting content strategy.
  • How to implement content strategy.
  • Using content marketing tools.
  • Instagram cheat sheet.

Module 6

6-figure WhatsApp Drive...

  • How to make money with free ads.
  • Using sales funnels on WhatsApp.
  • Building loyal customers on WhatsApp.
  • Driving sales on WhatsApp.
  • 200k per Month.

Module 7

Digital Transformation Sales

  • Google forms / Facebook ads.
  • Management Software.
  • Sales copy Software.
  • Where to get over 12,000 contents for your social media.
  • Understanding payment systems and invoicing.

Some of the prominent brands I've worked with

Paul Foh

africa’s No 1 sales consultant

bAMIDELE Adewole

CEO Pwan stars

So how much is this?

I will not waste your time by telling you this is valued at this or that .

It Will Cost You 20,000naira to get access to this ..

A tiny investment for something that will generate 20x for you in a month.

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