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I'm Nnamdi-Obi, Known as Sales-man-obi. I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Growth Strategist, and Product Designer. With experience across SALES, Digital Marketing, and Design within the past 6 years. The First Person You Talk To When You Need To Hit A Sales Target. I help business owners, freelancers, personal brands scale up their sales 10x and increase their profits. Selling Becomes Easy After Speaking To Me.
Obi Nnamdi Benign


What I can do for you

Sales Coaching

Practical strategies anyone can replicate in their business and increase their sales, productivity and profits. I will help you draft strategies that fit your Brand

Social Media Management

I make it easy for brands trying to build their online presence using digital marketing strategies find their stand and grow exponentially

Web Development

I design websites that help individuals, build a larger audience, gain traffic and get more customers for their brand. Websites are a good way to make more people know you.


You get access to my practical courses . With this course you can implement at your pace and generate results in less than 30days. Knowledge is Power.

One-on One Coaching

Finding it hard to find a balance in life .
Walk with me in 3 months as i help you put your life in order. You can be more if you do the right thing everyday

Growth Strategy

Every business needs a startegy and so does yours. We can have a growth strategy template designed for your business to help you have a clear view from idea to implementation.

7 Figure Program

Road-Trip to a million in 30 Days

I have put together the most comprehensive training that will take anyone who is serious about getting results in their lives how to take their sales fifteen times higher than it was in the first quarter before even meeting me. I make millionaires out of people. Do you wanna be among them??


Past Students of the 7 figure Program

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It’s time to rethink your strategies and optimize your marketing for increased sales and consistent revenue.
Join our conversation this Thursday with @sales_man_obi on Instagram Live.
Let’s talk about how you can boost sales for your small business using groundbreaking marketing strategies.
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