The Last Strategy You Will Ever Try To Sell Your Products And Skyrocket Your Sales

Tired of Having zero to no sales?  

Read Till The End If You Want to stop complaining and start getting Clients On A daily Basis and make an extra million without struggling so much.  

You opened these page for some tough reasons.

Let me guess, you clicked on the link because, 

  1. You are tired of zero to no sales
  2. You are tired of trying too many strategies that do not work.
  3. Your business might close very soon if nothing is done. 
  4. You really need to scale higher but do not exactly know where to start from
  5. You do not have the resources to get your desired results.

Well luckily for you, what I do for business owners, freelancers or marketers, realtors, designers is help them with practical steps on how to get their desired results.  Truth Is I don't really care what you sell, As long as you are willing to use my strategies step by step, I Guarantee Your Results will be the same as those whom I have trained in the past.

if someone told me this when I was struggling that i would be able to make progress and master the art of making as little as 500k monthly , I’d call them a ritualist or just call them out as liars and scammers.

But now I understand the process. I’ve walked the journey and I am still walking.


Before I go further…


In 10 short seconds, I’m going to reveal 3 categories of entrepreneurs struggling to make sales right now, mistakes you’re making and the solution to your problems.


Category #3 is the most common and you'd likely fall in that category.


And if you fall into any one of these categories, you should pay great attention to me from here on out because I’m about to change your sales game and financial status for the best

- #1 

You are in business because of your talents, your passion or because you’re good at what you do but you’re not making a lot of money from it like you want, you’re frustrated to your bones, you don’t know what else to do. (no pun intended)

I’ll show you how to turn your Passion to Profits

- #2

You’re doing business because you heard it’s a very profitable business and you can make a shit-load of money from it and you’ve seen people do it. But now that you’ve started, You’re stuck on how exactly to make the money you’ve always dreamt of even though others are doing it (This is common for many freelancers and affiliate Marketers, I’ve been there and I know how it feels)

I’ll Reveal to you secret Sales Cobwebs That is hanging over your head and holding you back from your true profits potential and how to break away from it.

- #3

Maybe you just don’t know where to start. You’ve started your business but now you don’t have sufficient knowledge and skills to grow and scale that business to make a ton of money from it. Don’t worry,

I’m about to hand you a STEP-BY-STEP Secret roadmap, all the knowledge, skills and information you need to go from 0 to 1 million naira in just 6 weeks even if you’re just starting out and you don’t know anything about Business and Sales.

And that’s just a sneak peek, a tip of the iceberg.


“The money you want to make lies in your ability to sell and SELLING IS EASY when you know exactly what to do”

You should read that again.
But most importantly, here’s what you should know about this intensive Learning that will transform you into a Sales Mastermind and make you your first 1 million in just 6 weeks.

Part 1: UN-FUCK YOUR MONEY MINDSET (Preparing your mind for a Million Bucks)

Everybody wants to make a million bucks and feel like a millionaire but not everybody will be a millionaire no matter how hard they try because of their MINDSET…

Coming from Nigeria, 

Subconsciously, you must have imbibed a certain money belief system that affects your ability to make and control a huge amount of money.

A lot of people still think money is evil and even the root of all evil.

In fact, they think rich people are evil people…

And this mentality prevents so many people from making the money of their dreams and living the life that they truly deserve…

Because it all starts in the mind and I’ll prove it to you…

And while I prove it to you, I’ll also help you train your mind for abundance while you’ll be able to manifest large amounts of money into reality.

This part will help you

  • Unscrew those rusted bolts of terrible money background and belief systems and teach you how MONEY works in the Real-world.

  • Unlearn And Relearn new thought patterns and money habits that will catapult you to a mindset of abundance.

  • Reshape your daily life pattern to give you the desired money and sales result.

I mean this stage must be crossed before you even make any serious progress. If you are not ready to unlearn, My advice.. Stop Reading. Check out one of the students before and after he took the opportunity 

Before Joining the session 5k was what he had to join

He has done over 

2- Million in Sales So far


After you’ve learned how money works…

It seems to me that what you should do next is figure out how to get it… a lot of it because…

The money you want is in the hands of people…

And to get it, you need to figure out how to make them give it to you..

Without begging or even looking desperate at all but with SELLING.

What you want to do is make them come to you not you going to them…

Sounds Impossible right?

That’s what I thought until I started getting the results

There’s a secret behind this…. And it’s not even about selling the best product or service..

It has to do with 

Re-designing Your Message

I know you might be hearing this for the first time but your message is one of the first things you would be learning  how to craft. This will determine if you get the right clients that can pay you exactly how much you desired to be paid.  You would learn the exact strategy i used to make 500k weekly on the internet.  Your Message in essence determines who pays you and how much they pay you.

This is OBFRESH  A ZOBO VENDOR WHO WENT FROM 40k Monthly to 1.1 million in 30days

She was just into module 2 when she hit 500k

After 30days she had already hit 1.1 million


Your business lacks positioning so you will always attract people who will never buy or worse, attract nobody.

Everyone is advertising , not everyone is being seen.

Now You Want this result but let break down some of the issues.

Too Many Wrong Strategies.:

I have seen young business owners try one strategy after the other and keep jumping from one lesson to another or one Youtube video to another trying to learn something off the hook. The problem with this is that you are unable to replicate results because all you have focused on is strategy. As a business owner you want to be able to do this three things , Strategy, Implementation, Result analysis. Let me ask you a few questions.

  • The last time you ran a Facebook advertising, did you get any sale ?, 
  • When you got a sale, did you find out what worked and analyze it for repetition ?
  • When it didn’t work, did you check your indicators to know what exactly failed or you total concluded like everyone that sponsored advertising doesn't work ?.

Here is the hard truth (It works, you just don’t know how to make it work.)

Here is the hard truth : Selling Is Easy, you just don’t know how to make it work.)

It is said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is called madness and I agree. I have also been mad before, expecting something to work while making the same mistakes.  Here is how I got free from that Madness, I call It the

 10 Growth Walk To Business Growth.

This strategy helps me
  • Analyze my product, customers, offers and promotions, 
  • Create A Marketing Plan with Key Performance Indicators
  • Create channels for sales and result repetition.

It has helped a lot of business owners, freelancers and marketers have a different result from what they used to have in the past. I shared this strategy with one of my students and in less than 24 hours he sent me this message

. He sells software and each cost about $850 and made sales in less than 24hrs. 

The next day he sent me another message about a strategy I had given him to try and he implemented it and sold another product of 500$ which is 250000 naira.



He Made 95k In A Day after following me for a week.

20k was impossible for this guy until he made it in single day


Note: This is Version 2. I would love to share the results from version 1

Here Is What Is Inside (option 1)


This module will be breaking down whether you chose your current business right. I find a lot of people trying to climb trees instead of swimming. Sometimes the business you are doing isn't right for the location, or season or even market. Most times it's a case of wrong strategies that would not work now or tomorrow. In this module I would help those who have businesses scale and if you do not have a business at all, I would be showing you 10 businesses you can start immediately without spending a kobo.  Here is a summary of what   I would be breaking down.

  1. Current Business Analysis
  2. Choosing The Right Business/ Product
  3. Choosing the right market
  4. Types Of markets
  5. Product Servicing
    • Business Plan Template
    • Market Analysis Template


Some businesses will struggle for ever with selling because they do not know how to package their product or business to attract who they want. Have you ever wondered why you keep getting people who cannot pay for your product. The problem lies in your poor packaging strategy. Different businesses have different packaging System. It's time to stop  copying what doesn't work.  Here is the summary of what you will be learning to implement in your business.

  1. Business Approach
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Content Development Strategy
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Product Packaging
  • Bonus:
    • Content Development Template
    • Content Calendar Template
    • Pitching Template


This is where most people get stuck. They find it hard to attract the right people for their businesses, they either get stuck with only one platform or spend too much money on ads that will never bring clients. This module is to help you know where and how to get the right clients to pay you. It's time to stop begging clients to buy and have them come in their numbers. This Module is quite long because i would be breaking down various strategies that have worked with practical strategies.

  1. Growth Strategy
  2. Buyer Persona
  3. Barrel Marketing System
    1. Understanding Marketing / Advertising
    2. Finding out what works
    3. Designing buyer persona
    4. Designing 6-figure sales funnel
    5. Analytics
  4. Advert Models
    1. Facebook advertising
      1. Facebook Ad Formats 
      2. Grouping Ads By Niche 
      3. Business Manager / Ads Library help
      4. Billing Solutions
      5. Running Live Ads
    2. Generating clients from Facebook without them leaving Facebook
    3. How to generate clients and leads without a website
    4. How to decide what type ads to run in your Business
    5. Google Advertising
    6. Instagram Advertising
    7. Free Donor
    8. Google Forms/ Facebook ads
    9. Sales Copy Software
    10. Payment Systems and Invoicing 
    11. Content Depot.(where to get over 12,000 contents you can use for any business)
  • Bonus:
    • Marketing Template
    • Growth Template


This is my favorite module because it involves selling and i must tell you, after this module, It would almost be impossible for clients to tell you "I'll Get Back To You". This strategy i used her helped me sell 500k in 10days no jokes. Selling Made Easy. Here is a summary of the value you will be getting. 

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Rapport Building
  3. Buyers And How to sell to different types
  4. customer acquisition
  5. Free- sales Models
  6. Sales Funnels
  7. Customer Flows
  8. Automations
  9. Handling Objections
  10. Bant Strategy 
  11. Follow Up Strategy
  12. Cold Selling
  13. digital Sales
  14. Cross selling and upselling
  • Bonus:
    • Sales Strategy Template
    • Prospect Template



Here Is Where The Magic Happens

Now you be in the category of people that say

  • I don't want a course
  • I want you to guide me personally
  • I need access to you in the next 60days

If you fit into these then OPTION B is for you.



  1. 1
    EVERYTHING IN Option 1:

    You get everything in option one and more.

  2. 2

    In here I would  do a full business evaluation and see what needs to go and what needs to be changed. Sometimes it’s not all about a new strategy but also an old enemy. Some things would have to go.

    Tools :You would be needing some tools to get ready for the shift, you would be shown how to get those tools ready. Tools for 

    --Customer acquisition


    --Social media 


  3. 3

    Growth Strategy: Here i would be breaking down everything from your business, down to products then to your customer. Which means a full access to MY 10 GROWTH STRATEGY SET

  4. 4

    Implementation: We implement each strategy while noting out the performance indicators. This stage is the result stage. I will work with you all hands on deck to create results for your business. Practical phase.

  5. 5


    1. A website with 1 year access ( domain and hosting registered)

    2. 1 month access to my No 1 email marketing platform

    3. Content Management plant curated for your business

    4.  If you already have a website. it would be rebuilt for implementation strategy

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

Natures Touch Organics

Meeting Smo Turned My Beauty business around, I went for having no clients to running out of products to sell

CEO, Natures touch organics


When he reached out to me to rebuild my website, I liked him from there. He is an interesting guy who makes sure my websites get me the result i require

Paul foh
Africa's NO 1 Sales Coach

Bamidele Adewole

Its the way her looks out for your business that interest me. Making sure strategies are implemented and measuring result. Been with him for over a year and its worth the salt

Bamidele Adewole


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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I'M A DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT, SALES STRATEGIST, PRODUCT DESIGNER. With experience in business development and strategy, i help business owners achieve more result via increase customers and profit.  Having coached over 6000 students in the area of sales, technology and marketing, I have been able to replicate results over and over again.



Well' you can't know if you don't sign up. I know you expect me to tell you that if you don't sign up, A lot of things would  go wrong. Nope.. Nothing would go wrong, infact you will feel fine. the only difference is what happens to your business. Would it grow or eventually die out.

Here is Why I advice you to take this oppurtunity.

Other people might tell you that 39$ or 250$ is small money compare to what you will be getting and i honestly disagree. Why,? Because when i was also trying to scale in my business, spending that much took a great deal of effort and grit. I had to come to terms with myself and paid attention to what mattered the most

  • My Business Growth
  • My Sales 
  • My profitability

I was simply tired of making sales one day and no sale for the rest of the month. So like you i have been there. To help you make up your mind, think about what really matters now and then take that big bold step. You have absolutely nothing to loose. 

Everything You think is possible only if you take action.

This is the decision point and I guarantee you,

  • No more failed strategies
  • No more poor sales
  • No More Low Clients

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If after implementing my strategies nothing works and you are still the same within the next 60days. You would get a full refund and all the bonuses too.

That's to make it clear to you that my strategy is no bullshit.

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