People who read this report in the past now make millions in profit every month.


…that took a zobo seller and made her a millionaire in less than 30 days without running paid ads…


…took a cigarette business from 0 to 1.5 million naira in monthly sales


…I used it twice and made 500k each time in just 10 days selling my web-design service…


And is GUARANTEED to work for you no matter what you sell…

Dear Entrepreneur,


You’re probably not going to believe what I’m about to show you….


But If you want to exponentially grow your business profits in the fastest time possible…


This letter will show you how.


All you have to do is put your phone on silent, get rid of all distractions and listen to me carefully.


Because in the next 2 minutes,


You are going to get your hands on a classified, top-secret strategy perfectly designed to help you make at least 500k in the next 30 days.


Even if everyone thinks you’re a failure and you can’t succeed in your business….


Even if you’ve struggled to make any money from your business since you started.


That story is about to change and in a very short time, you’ll be able to manifest abundance in your business.


Exactly like what happened to this lady in just 1 month…

from 40k to 1.1 million naira in 30 days

Even Kazy Ventures who sells Cigarettes took this same blueprint and made over 1.5 million naira in less than 30 days…

I also showed this to a graphic designer and he closed a 300k deal 24 hours later.

I’m showing you all these so you can see this profits system actually works.


And here’s the most interesting part…


You can get the exact same results…

No matter what you sell… even if you’ve tried everything else and failed….

This bad-ass profit-producing strategy you’re about to get your hands on took me 19 months of constant hustling, research, and endless testing to uncover and perfect….


But that’s not even the big discovery…..


The big discovery is how I ultimately cracked the code of turning complete strangers into money… over and over again.




What you’re about to witness is how YOU can rake in ungodly sums of money every money selling your products and services.


And once you see it, you can never unsee it.


And if you use it well, you’d NEVER again have to worry about Money…


Stick with me and I’ll share it with you before you can even finish tying up your shoelace…


And by God, this is the last strategy you’ll ever try to generate your first 500k per month in profits…

TRUTH IS; During my 19 months of search…

I found that… no matter what you are selling, there’s pretty much a “Universal Formula” that can always turn strangers into paying customers like clockwork…. (works like hypnosis)


In fact, after working with so many business owners and spending millions in adverts for my own business, I’ve been able to….


Now, here’s what’s really amazing…


Even though the process is fairly simple…


And while It has proven to work for different types of businesses ranging from


“Zobo selling” to “Phone accessories business” to “Graphic design” and even “Social Media Services”……


The golden fact is that you and I have an incredible advantage because….


And the reason is simple…


I’ve never publicly shared it…. Until today.


I’ll tell you why in a minute…


But quickly, let’s take a look at some facts together;


You’re on this page right now because you’re tired of having to deal with zero to very little sales…


You keep selling but you don’t get enough customers/clients …


…that can pay you the kind of money you want to enjoy an amazing level of personal income and financial freedom than you ever imagined possible.


Because right now…


You may be scared to death of losing the small clients you have because you depend on them for your survival… (I used to feel this way)


You keep shouting to customers to buy what you’re selling… even if it’s out of pity….


Or maybe you’ve even tried different strategies, bought so many courses but it’s just one failure after the next…


And the business that’s supposed to save you from a 9 to 5 job is giving you more heartbreak and anxiety each day…


so much that you feel like giving it all up…


My name is Nnamdi-Obi and people call me Sales Man Obi thanks to my success in the real-life trenches of Business, Sales, and Marketing.


I am a Design and Digital Marketing Expert. 


I help business owners, freelancers, and personal brands achieve more sales, and increase their client base and their business profits using digital transformation tools and sales strategies. 


After several months of constant struggling and desperation, it wasn’t until I discovered this I was able to land my first 500k Client..


Weeks later, I landed my first 5 million naira client on retainer.


And that was just the beginning….

I want you to know this…


I totally understand how you feel, 


Running a business doesn’t exactly come with an owner’s guide.


It’s filled with constant struggles and hardships.


I know because it was the same for me for more than a year….


Being in the same position constantly even though you’re trying all your best to move forward.


But nothing seems to be working.


It’s the same way this lady felt when she came into my DM for help…


She sells health products and just like you…


She was frustrated because she couldn’t get clients that’ll pay her what she was worth…


I gave her my strategy, she ran with it and in less than a day, she made her first sale…

And also this guy who made 95k in a day after following me for a week. 


All he did was apply this same simple strategy I’m about to share with you….

This guy never ever believed he could make 20k in a day until I showed him how.

Now here’s why I’m telling you all this…


It’s not just to brag about helping people make money, (even though that’s what I do)


It is to prove to you that these results aren’t out of sheer luck.


And that the “Growth Walk to Sales Accelerator System” WORKS like crazy even if you have no clue what selling is….


…It’s the strategy that has taken me from settling for peanuts to confidently hand-picking clients I now work with.


 It has also helped 20 of my students hit 1+ million naira in a single month.

And It’s so effective… that in just 24 hours, a student of mine used it to close a software deal of over $850 (N425,000 naira) -more bragging, lol

He texted me the day after and told me about how he implemented it again and sold a product for over $500 (N250,000 naira)

Now, I know you can’t wait to get your beautiful hands on my secret million-naira strategy and run away with it..


But first, there’s one critical thing you need to understand..

You probably won’t believe it but it’s the cold hard truth.


You see when I discovered this is when it all clicked for me….


And after using it to grow my own service-based business…


I decided to teach it to a handful of people and it also worked magic for them, talking millions of naira in sales…


And I know I said “This will work for you no matter what you sell”


But the truth is that


Regardless of how stupidly simple it is, even a primary school graduate can make it work.


The critical difference between those that get results and those that fail is the IMPLEMENTATION.


I didn’t go from 0 to 500k just because I discovered this.


And neither did my students.


It only worked because we made it work…


And if you are the kind of person that will get this and go back to whatever you were doing that wasn’t working before you met me… 


You should leave this page right now and NEVER look back.


But If you want this,


You should be ready to unlearn the things that aren’t working for you and adopt proven strategies.


Because that’s the exact kind of person that I created this for…


And if that’s you, I’m Exclusively Inviting you to join our millionaire gang today!


To become a VIP Member of the


The Challenge that gave birth to results like this

And this

And this

Elisha went on to make over 500k naira that same month….


And when he came to me, he didn’t have anything he was selling.


You see, the reason for this challenge is to make sure that you actually go ahead, implement this strategy in your business and make a boatload of money even if you don’t believe you can do it.

What Makes the 500k Challenge Program Different from Other Business Building Courses?

First, it’s a full blown done with you program, not just a course.

And unlike many courses out there that just sell you information and never actually show you what to do…


I don’t just give you information, I give you action-based, time-tested Business building principles and processes…


And also walk you through practical and actionable processes that will help you start getting results from day 1.


I have packaged and broken down all the secrets into videos where I show you and analyze everything to you like you were a two-year-old.


And if after going through these videos and with my help in the challenge, you don’t do at least 500k  in 30 days….


I should be shot.. and you??


You should be allowed to do the shooting.


This strategy is divided into just 4 parts…


nd Entrepreneur B the same lessons, same resources, and give them a goal to hit 1 million naira in a month.


If I teach “A” about Mindset and I don’t teach “B”,


“A” will end up achieving the goal and “B” will be left struggling.


Coming from Nigeria, (The poverty capital of the world),


You have imbibed a certain money belief system that subconsciously affects your ability to make and control a huge amount of money.


A lot of people still think money is evil and even the root of all evil.

In fact, they think rich people are evil people…


And with a thought process like that, you can NEVER be rich…


Because it all starts in the mind and I’ll prove it to you…

This is the part of building a profitable money-spitting business nobody tells you about…


I can promise to show you how to make N1 Million naira in 30 days but…

if you don’t believe it, you’ll never make it…  That’s the truth.


Because you have successfully convinced your mind that you can’t. Makes sense?


And right now, things may seem complex.

But when you find out how to turn the money multiplier switch on, 


You’ll discover streams and rivers of newly found profits you never imagined existed.


This part will help you


      • Unscrew those rusted bolts of terrible money background and belief systems and teach you how MONEY works in the Real-world.


      • Unlearn And Relearn new thought patterns and money habits that will catapult you to a mindset of abundance.


After you’ve learned how money works…


It seems to me that what you should do next is figure out how to get it… a lot of it.


First, Tattoo this on your brain if you can…

The money you want is in the hands of people…

And to get it, you need to figure out how to make them give it to you..


Without begging or even looking desperate at all.


Instead, what you want to do is make them come to you in droves begging you to take their money…


Sounds Impossible right?


That’s what I thought until I had to start turning down clients one after the other even after begging me to work with them….


Right now, I carefully select the people I work with.


Not because I’m proud (maybe a little bit, lol)


But it’s because I can afford to pick those who I want to spend my time and energy on and for how much?


That’s a big flex… trust me


Unlike our zobo woman, very few people make millions from a small zobo business…


There’s a secret behind this…. And it’s not even about selling the best product or service..

It has to do with 


Offers that make people feel stupid if they say NO!


And that’s what the second part of the secret strategy is all about


It will show you; 


-How you can craft offers that they can’t ever refuse.. 


-And How you can make them feel stupid if they say NO.. 


-and Make them feel uncomfortable until they finally buy what you are selling. (It sounds diabolical but it’s completely ethical)


-And also “Get them to buy over and over again”… ….generating recurring profits for your business.


If you can do this, you’ll be able to seduce people into paying you over and over again… and they won’t even realirealizese what you are doing.


When I discovered this strategy, I made a vow to myself never to chase customers again….


All I now do is position myself properly and they literally start chasing me with money in their hands.


And that’s exactly what you should be doing…


This module is to help you know where and how to get the right clients to pay you.


 It’s time to stop begging clients to buy and have them come in their numbers with a big calabash of money in their hands.


Everything you need to know from


      • Knowing if you’re even in the right business and Selecting the right one.


  • Creating the perfect growth plan for your business


      • Get into your customer’s heads and find out exactly what will make them dip their hands into their pocket and pay you their hard-earned money


      • Understanding marketing and advertising; How to use Facebook and Instagram to automatically get a flood of customers that will pay you money even while you sleep. You don’t even have to be there, that’s what I do.


I spent 2hrs 30 minutes with a small group of people teaching everything I know about Sales, Marketing and making money.


Everything I’ve learned in over 6 years from hands-on experience and by spending thousands of dollars in courses and masterminds.


In this module, I talk about

      • 5 Secret Magic Keys to Close Sales


      • The Secret Money Making Science of Remote-Control Persuasion


      • Manipulative but Ethical Objection Handling Signals that allows you to use customer complaints as an avenue to make them want to pay you even more


Hand to God, after this module, It would be impossible for clients to tell you “I’ll Get Back To You”


  • Understanding powerful customer psychology, sales habits and buyer conventions



I’ll show you how to make them add more to their order even after paying you.


You’ll learn how to command money from people who have never met you or even heard of you.


Basically, this is everything you need to go from 0 to 500k in just 30 days.

And it’s the principle behind every strategy, hack or trick out there today.


With this, you can create your own strategies that are unique to you and your business..


Even if you’re just starting out as a newbie and don’t know anything about sales and marketing.


Quickly, let me ask…


What’s it worth to get a blueprint responsible for making 1.1 Million naira in just 30 days?


And if you were GUARANTEED to make at least 500k in the next 30 days?

Think about it…

As you read through these next few lines, I want you to think about all of the things an extra 500k a month could do for you…


And if you’re anything like me, you can even make the 500k in 10 days.…


Now here’s what it’s going to cost you to join our Millionaire gang today.


I could easily charge 100k to hand over and grant you premium access to this money magnet blueprint that took me over 19 months of scratching to perfect…


Plus a strong GUARANTEE that you’d make 500% of your money back in 30 days…


And you’d agree with me that that’ll be a sweet deal I’m offering you….


Just like this guy who made 250k in just 4 days of joining the challenge…

Looking at all the results, case studies and testimonials I’ve been sharing with you since the beginning of this letter…(There’s still a lot)…


You’d realise that these people are in no way, shape or form better than you?


They don’t have a better business than you.


And heck, they didn’t have more money than you when they bought into this program…


In fact for all I know, you could be smarter and even more hardworking than them.…


The only thing they did differently (and still doing) was to put their doubts aside… and give this secret system a try.


With my “No Fuck-ups Money Back Guarantee” in place…


If for some reason, this doesn’t work as I say it does,


With no questions asked, you’ll get your full money back…


keep the course materials, the bonuses and even the high-value relationships you form from the cohort.


And I’ll personally come in to work on your business marketing for free until you hit the 500k per month I promised.


So this is of no risk to you at all.


And if you, can simply put your doubts aside (and your pride too) for a short time, unlearn everything you think you know about business, sales and marketing… 


And with my help, you ruthlessly implement these strategies in your business…


You’ll see for yourself how stupidly simple it is to get the life of abundance you absolutely deserve…


And make even your wildest dreams a reality.


Helping you achieve your dreams means a lot to me…


And if you can attribute your success in life to any little thing that I’ve taught you…


Then I’ll be happy and proud for life.


So there’s no way I’m going to allow you pay 100k…


Not even 50k….


If you decide to join the millioniare gang and be a part of the 500k challenge.


All you need is a one-time payment of just $50 (N25,000)

And to further sweeten the deal for you…


Immediately you pay for this million-naira blueprint and join the 500k challenge…


As a Bonus, 

      • Access to my all-time best Personal branding course of all time that extensively shows you how to cut through all the noise, hacks and other b.s out there and  “Build a Highly Profitable Brand in 30 days” 


      • you’ll get access to a support group that will keep you accountable and track your goals to make sure you actually get the money…


      • 90-days access to me and all the perks that comes with it (Priceless)


      • Connection with like-minded business owners, freelancers and most importantly past millionaires generated from the program where they share their insights, what’s worked and is working for them and how they can help you.


you’ll notice in the screenshots that there is a supportive family going on in the 500k challenge and it’s not just another group and these people barely know each other.


      • Special access to become a member of  my premium email newsletter where I share dark and profitable sales and marketing strategies used by big business owners.

That’s not all…


The ICING on the Cake …


Once you join, I’ll call you so you can come in and talk to me about your business, make a lot of money even if you don’t have a product or a service right now… 


I’ll take you backstage, behind the scenes of it all, and lay everything bare in front of you….


Because it’s like asking a magician how they do their tricks. We all know it’s not magic. It’s the opposite of magic. 


I’ll treat you like my coaching clients (they pay 250k for consultation sessions)


And before you say anything…


You need to know that this is an exclusive group and this offer is available for just 20 people right now..


Once they get this offer, it’s going to close up.


I can only spend so much time on call with a few people, (I have a business to run too)


And right now, There are currently 80 business owners like you on the group…

And they didn’t enjoy access to this bonus I’m giving you right now…


You’re basically going to be a VVIP of the 500k challenge (don’t tell them I said this).


It’s a secret between you and me.


But wait, what if you pay 25k today, 


And you get access to all the course materials, become a part of the challenge, implement everything I teach and after 30 days you still don’t hit your 500k goal?


Since I’ll be personally guiding you on the group,


Just ask for a full refund… And you’ll get every penny of your money back instantly with no questions asked.


I’ll respect your decision no matter what


And you can get to keep everything I‘m sending you today.


PLUS, I’ll also work with you on your business for FREE until you hit the goal.



Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work and you get an expert digital marketer (myself) to work on your business for free.


So you have no excuse.




The difference between success and failure is not talent..


Not Intelligence…


Not Connections…


Not even Money…


But Action.


And now more than ever…


You have everything you need to hit 500k in the next 30 days….


30 days from now…


You could be nothing more than 1 month older …


Or you could be enjoying the financial rewards of a smart decision you made today.


The choice is up to you.


And just like you, there are hundreds of people reading this offer right now (that’s how ads work, lol)


So I’ll make it stupidly easy for you to be a part of the millionaire gang and start manifesting financial abundance immediately …


All you have to do is click the button below.


Then you’ll be taken to a registration page where you’ll pay and everything I promised will be handed to you…


Including access to me and the group.

PS; This feels like I’m cheating myself…


But I can’t help but think about why I’m doing this in the first place..


That’s right… To help you achieve the kind of money you’ve only ever dreamed about… and it starts right now


But nevertheless, This has been a labor of love for me…


And I might decide to jack the price up to 100k


Because this course is worth a program more than that.


I charge 50k for a one hour business growth consultation but I’ll be there wth you every step of the way to your first 500k and beyond.


I also reserve the right to take down this offer anytime I like.


But all these won’t matter if you’ve gotten in before that time comes….and believe me, It will come


And if you’re still reading this page…


It means the offer is still alive… And you still have access to everything you’ll be getting to go from 0 to 500k when you sign-up right now


A Complete set of Video that shows you how to;


Wash away that thought process that’s holding you back and adopt new ones that catapult you to a millionaire mindset of abundance



The type of offers that make people regret if they don’t buy from you or hire you and even make them feel pain in their brain until they finally do. 



Position yourself so that your customers come in droves begging you to take their money. All you have to do is take care of the orders and deliver.



Clients will never say “NO” to you anymore once you master the art of selling. Instead, they’ll be craving to buy more from you.



      • Access to a support group that will keep you accountable and track your goals to make sure you actually get the money…


  • 90-days access to me and all the perks that comes with it (Priceless)


      • Connection with like-minded business owners and freelancers…


      • Special Access to become a member of my premium email newsletter where I show you insider secrets to building a money-spinning business on social media.


And the BIG Icing on the CAKE;


Get on a call with me, walk you behind the scenes and transform your money game forever.




You really don’t have anything to lose and


I just hope you are ready to prove your doubters wrong and don’t sleep on this opportunity… See you inside!