The First Person You Talk To When You Need To Hit A Sales Target. I help business owners, freelancers, personal brands scale up their sales 10x and increase their profits. Selling Becomes Easy After Speaking To Me

I'm Nnamdi-Obi, Known as Sales-man-obi. I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Growth Strategist, and Product Designer. With experience across SALES, Digital Marketing, and Design within the past 6 years. 

Working With Me Here is what you are Guaranteed

-Make More Sales and hit your sales Target.
-Increase Your Client base twice the normal amount
-10X Your Current Profit
-Develop New Strategies To Grow Your Brand, Business, Or Skill
-Teach You How To Sell Like Crazy

Let Me Make You A Millionaire

A Trip Worth Taking

I have put together the most comprehensive training that will take anyone who is serious about getting results in their lives how to take their sales fifteen times higher than it was in the first quarter before even meeting me. I make millionaires out of people. Do you wanna be among them??

  • Revealed: the simple method yet money mind shifting strategy that gives anyone who is ready to Learn, unlearn and relearn.
  • Discover actual practical strategies that you can implement in your business that guarantees sales
  • How we generated over 12 millionaires who did more than 32,000 dollars in sales without a single sponsored ads.

Here Is what you will be getting


A lot of people struggling with limitation problems especially when it comes to making money. I for once struggled with it for years before finally breaking through. Sometimes it's not even making money but loosing the money almost immediately or worse you cannot even tell where the money went. A summary of what would be thought in this module extensively.

  1. Backgrounds and Belief Systems.
  2. Unlearn And Relearn.
  3. Thought Patterns.
  4. Money Habits /Patterns.
  5. Daily Routine Restructure.
  6. Vision Board That Works.
  7. Raising Funds For Your Business.

Module 2 - Business Audit/ Choosing Right

This module will be breaking down whether you chose your current business right. I find a lot of people trying to climb trees instead of swimming. Sometimes the business you are doing isn't right for the location, or season or even market. Most times it's a case of wrong strategies that would not work now or tomorrow. In this module i would help those who have businesses scale and if you do not have a business at all, I would be showing you 10 businesses you can start immediately without spending a kobo. Here is a summary of what i would be breaking down.

  1. Current Business Analysis
  2. Choosing The Right Business/ Product
  3. Choosing the right market
  4. Types Of markets
  5. Product Servicing
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Market Analysis.
  • Bonus:
  • Business Plan Template
  • Market Analysis Template

Module 3 ---- Millionaire Planning Stage

Some businesses will struggle for ever with selling because they do not know how to package their product or business to attract who they want. Have you ever wondered why you keep getting people who cannot pay for your product. The problem lies in your poor packaging strategy. Different businesses have different packaging System. It's time to stop copying what doesn't work. Here is the summary of what you will be learning to implement in your business.

  1. Business Approach
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Content Development Strategy
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Product Packaging
  • Bonus:
  • Content Development Template
  • Content Calendar Template
  • Pitching Template

Module 4 - Market Your Way to Millions

This is where most people get stuck. They find it hard to attract the right people for their businesses, they either get stuck with only one platform or spend too much money on ads that will never bring clients. This module is to help you know where and how to get the right clients to pay you. It's time to stop begging clients to buy and have them come in their numbers. This Module is quite long because i would be breaking down various strategies that have worked with practical strategies.

  1. Growth Strategy
  2. Buyer Persona
  3. Barrel Marketing System
  4. Understanding Marketing / Advertising
  5. Finding out what works
  6. Designing buyer persona
  7. Designing 6-figure sales funnel
  8. Analytics
  9. Advert Models
  10. Facebook advertising
  11. Facebook Ad Formats 
  12. Grouping Ads By Niche 
  13. Business Manager / Ads Library help
  14. Billing Solutions
  15. Running Live Ads
  16. Generating clients from Facebook without them leaving Facebook
  17. How to generate clients and leads without a website
  18. How to decide what type ads to run in your Business
  19. Google Advertising
  20. Instagram Money Magnet
  21. Free Donor
  22. Google Forms/ Facebook ads
  23. Sales Copy Software
  24. Payment Systems and Invoicing 
  25. Content Depot.(where to get over 12,000 contents you can use for any business)
  • Bonus:
  • Marketing Template
  • Growth Template

Module 5 ---- Selling Made Easy

This is my favorite module because it involves selling and i must tell you, after this module, It would almost be impossible for clients to tell you "I'll Get Back To You". This strategy i used her helped me sell 500k in 10days no jokes. Selling Made Easy. Here is a summary of the value you will be getting. 

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Rapport Building
  3. Buyers And How to sell to different types
  4. customer acquisition
  5. Free- sales Models
  6. Sales Funnels
  7. Customer Flows
  8. Automations
  9. Handling Objections
  10. Bant Strategy 
  11. Follow Up Strategy
  12. Cold Selling
  13. digital Sales
  14. Cross selling and upselling
  • Bonus:
  • Sales Strategy Template
  • Prospect Template

Bonus Module - Market Your Way to Millions

The Aim of this group is to help you stay accountable and focus on the goal. Here are some benefits of the group

  • 90 Days Access to me
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Connection With Other Business Owners
  • Free Session With Past Students
  • Accountability
  • Goal Tracking

What my past students had to say about the last Roadtrip

This is OBFRESH  A ZOBO VENDOR WHO WENT FROM 40k Monthly to 1.1 million in 30days

This is Kazy ventures who went from 33k as an NYSC copper to over 1 Million In Three Weeks

Nonso who used the positioning and pitching strategy he learnt to secure a 2000$ Job. Over

 1 million naira

Denu who made 100k for the first time at once and could not hold his joy. It was just day 1

How Much Does It Cost To Participate.


Here is Elisha One of My Students Who Went From 5k to Over 2 Million

Meet Muba And Tolu

Tolu was able to scale his sales to over 500k in just a week of signing up

This is Muba Who sells Gadget accessories making over 1 million in less than a month of signing up

I shared a strategy with Tomiwa and he closed a sale the next day.

Meet Alfaj And Timmy

Alfaj who made over 500k in sales in less than 30days

Here is Timmy a photographer who did his first 100k on a single job for the first time

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