Before you begin reading the details, note this.

This program is strictly for those who are really tired of staying on the spot, tired of waiting to figure out stuff, it is for those who are ready to get things done. So if you know that you are not one to make decisions or take action towards your goals and achievements, don't bother reading till the end.

But if you are ready to join me in this program to make 6-7 figures within the next 30days, I welcome you to keep reading for full details

I'm Sales-Man-Obi, sales and marketing expert. I help small businesses, freelancer , personal brands, business owners and marketers hit their first 6-7 figures in 30-days.

Get To Know Me

Before I became the Sales & Marketing Expert who now helps people grow their sales and increase their revenue, I used to dropship and sell shoes from various markets across Nigeria. Being broke led me into selling shoes, I did this by helping vendors sell their shoes online while adding my price. I ventured into many businesses from networking to selling vintage shirts and much more. I was also an affiliate for the top e-commerce platform called Jumia.

Trust me when I say making sales is not an easy task. I was always begging people to buy from me because I didn’t understand the dynamics of sales.

At first, I thought it was because I wasn’t posting enough on social media so I Paid some gurus to help me out but it landed me in more and more losses because I did not make sales. I made a decision to learn how to sell and I did. After spending almost 2-million in classes, personal coaching sessions, webinars, mentorship and books, I started my company and have helped lot's of people who are going through the same issue i went through grow their businesses to 7 figures.

I have since the organized more than 30 free webinars, taught over 5000 people across, Africa from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and somewhere in Netherlands.

So far, I have been able to help 20 of my students via this cohort become millionaires.

What I Have For You

I have put together the most comprehensive cohort and challenge that will take anyone who is serious about making sales, hitting 6-7 figures in the next 30days.

  • Revealed: the simple but money mind shifting strategy that helps anyone who implements it, hit the 7-figure mark.
  • Discover actual practical strategies that you can implement in your business that guarantees sales
  • How I Helped 15 people generate over $32,000 without running a single sponsored ads.

Cohort & Challenge Outline

This program is made up into two sessions. The cohort would be a learning session where you get to know all you need to do to get results. The challenge comes immediately, you would be practicing everything you have learnt. the challenge will be practical which means I would be your guide up until you hit the 6-7figure mark.

Meet My Successful Students

Meet OBFRESH  A zobo vendor who was making 40k monthly, she made 1.1 million in 30-days

This is Kazy ventures who went from 33k as an NYSC copper to over 1 Million In Three Weeks

Nonso who used the positioning and pitching strategy he learnt to secure a 2000$ Job. Over

 1 million naira

Denu who made 100k for the first time at once and could not hold his joy. It was just day 1

How Much Does It Cost To Participate.


Here is Elisha One of My Students Who Went From 5k to Over 2 Million

Meet Muba And Tolu

Tolu was able to scale his sales to over 500k in just a week of signing up

This is Muba Who sells Gadget accessories making over 1 million in less than a month of signing up

I shared a strategy with Tomiwa and he closed a sale the next day.

Meet Alfaj And Timmy

Alfaj who made over 500k in sales in less than 30days

Here is Timmy a photographer who did his first 100k on a single job for the first time

Meet HUMU from Ghana a skincare specialist.

Meet HUMU from Ghana a skincare specialist.

Meet HUMU from Ghana a skincare specialist.

Who Is This For?

  • Manufacturers, Importers, and Distributors – Who wants to get 10x sales of their product in the next 30 days
  • Interior designers & decorators – who want to make steady 6-7 figures by learning the secret words to position themselves as an expert, attract and eventually close high-paying clients.
  • School owners & educators.
  • Fashion / hair / makeup / beauty, image consultants & stylists.
  • Writers and bloggers – who want high-paying gigs.
  • Creatives: graphics, product designers, web designers, developers who want high-paying clients or gigs.
  • Caterers, Bakers, and Event managers – who want only high-paying events coming their way by applying the single approach that has got a lot of my student’s outstanding results

Are You Having Doubts ???

Maybe you’re saying, “I would really love to take part in this course but it’s expensive"
  • But I’d say it’s cheaper than losing those high-paying deals and clients that this course can help you start closing in no time.

  • It’s cheaper than losing those contracts that can turn your life and finances around, all because you lack the ability to sell yourself.

  • It’s cheaper than begging people to buy from you…to the extent that they start ignoring your calls.

  • It’s cheaper than spending so much money on ads only to hear “I will get back to you“

  • It’s cheaper than finishing the entire month with not enough to pay bills not even talk of settling debts.

All These Can be Avoided Because, Money doesn’t just come because you have something to sell, the money comes because you know how to sell

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