In 2017 I had just signed up to one of the networking businesses in Nigeria selling different products and I didn’t know how to sell. 

Before i signed up, Femi my friend has been begging me to sign up and i refused because of three things which you probably would be facing right now

  • I didn’t know how to make sales
  • I didn’t want to be walking around looking for referrals
  • I also did not know how else to sell
  • I was an introvert, 
  • I hated rejection, especially in public.

But then Femi found a way…

Femi showed me how i could start my own networking business and make massive sales and even build my referral and client list to over 100  in a month.

So what did he do?

He introduced me to what I now like to call. 

My Digital Sales Rep

I am sure you are wondering what this is. 

It’s simply the use of content to drive sales into your business. 

So after I signed up, I paid Femi 100k to set up one for me and in 2days, it was ready. And then Femi said I should run my facebook advert. 

As my friend I simply believed if it worked for him, then it will work for me and that’s how I ran my ad for a product we were selling for 50k. 

After 4 days, My phone rang and a customer ordered 4 products at once…..

I hugged Femi for always being a friend , to cut the long story short. 

I Made 2.4 million that month. 

Till today, I still pay 5% to Femi for being a good friend. 

So what is the digital sales rep all about?

I know you have heard plenty of people asking you to create your website but then they never really tell you how to sell with the website. 

That is because they really don’t know how to.

The digital sales rep is a collection of content relating to your product or service that helps you sell faster, better and less stressful. 

I remember my referrals became millionaires after I showed them what Femi taught me.

A DSR helps you outline the problems you want to solve that attract the customer before someone else does. 

With a DSR.

You don’t need to run around. 

All you need is your phone or laptop and your advert budget. 

And boom you are selling like crazy…..

A DSR can sell to your customer on the spot with content in it.

Now I know just like me then, all you want now is to meet your sales target and get over with it. 

That’s why I have chosen to help you just like femi would do.

I would create your own DSR specifically for your business.

Here is what you get from the DSR…

  • 1 year subscription
  • Done For you Dsr pages
  • Security on your dsr page to avoid loss of info

Now your selling strategy is in front of you, it’s up to you to take it. 

How much is the DSR?

Luckily For you it is on a promo for networkers looking to grow their profit. 

It will Cost You 50,000

Now before you disagree with me, let me show you so far my progress,

I did 500k plus from a single page last month

I currently work with financial advisors, real estate , personal coaches and sales strategist and double their sales

I built my contact list to 7000 plus using the same strategy Femi showed me.

It became so easy……. 

Till today I still have clients calling me for products sold with DSR.

With dsr , you never run out of clients.

In January 2021 i sold over 1000$ only on instagram using the DSR.

Before i forget, let me introduce myself… 

I am Nnamdi Obi but most people know me as salesmanobi, 

I am a digital marketing strategist, sales expert and programmer. 

Starting my business in 2014 and helping over 6000 people achieve their sales goals, i will say the DSR is your best bet in 2021

To clear your doubts about whether or not it will work, here is all i can say, 

If this doesn’t bring you sales, You get 100% full refund, which means, you have nothing to lose,,,,

Get Yours today..

Order your own dsr today with a 1year subscription