Finally Revealed


  • (This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before) 

  • In between your hands,

everything you need to go from 0 to 1million naira in profits even if you haven’t made any money in the past quarter

It has proven to work for me, for my students and will surely work for you, only if you follow these simple but powerful steps I’m about to reveal to you.

I’ll tell you for FREE, one big truth most people won’t tell you.

I’ll tell you for FREE, one big truth most people won’t tell you.!

And It wasn’t until I discovered this secret that everything changed for me.

I went from making 0 naira in 19 months of business….


To making 500k in just 10 days…


Now I have days where I make 500k in just 24 hours.


You may not believe it and you probably don’t…

Heck, If someone told me this when I was struggling, I’d call them a ritualist or just call them out as liars and scammers.


But now I understand the process. I’ve walked the journey and I am still walking.


Before I go further…


In 10 short seconds, I’m going to reveal 3 categories of entrepreneurs struggling to make sales right now, mistakes you’re making and the solution to your problems.


Category #3 is the most common and you likely fall in that category.


And if you fall into any one of these categories, you should pay great attention to me from here on out because I’m about to change your sales game and financial status for the best


- #1 You are in business because of your talents, your passion or because you’re good at what you do but you’re not making a lot of money from it like you want, you’re frustrated to your bones, you don’t know what else to do. (no pun intended)

I'll show you how to turn your passion into profits. 

- OR You’re doing business because you heard it’s a very profitable business and you can make a shit-load of money from it and you’ve seen people do it. But now that you’ve started, You’re stuck on how exactly to make the money you’ve always dreamt of even though others are doing it (This is common for many freelancers and affiliate Marketers, I’ve been there and I know how it feels)


I’ll Reveal to you secret Sales Cobwebs That is hanging over your head and holding you back from your true profits potential and how to break away from it.

- OR Maybe you just don’t know where to start. You’ve started your business but now you don’t have sufficient knowledge and skills to grow and scale that business to make a ton of money from it. Don’t worry,

I’m about to hand you a STEP-BY-STEP Secret roadmap, all the knowledge, skills and information you need to go from 0 to 1 million naira in just 6 weeks even if you’re just starting out and you don’t know anything about Business and Sales.

And that’s just a sneak peek, a tip of the iceberg.

ground is harder on the eyes than dark text on a light background.


Tattoo this on your forehead if you can:

The money you want to make lies in your ability to sell and SELLING IS EASY when you know exactly what to do

You should read that again.


But most importantly, here’s what you should know about this intensive 1-week that will transform you into a Sales Mastermind and make you your first 1 million in just 6 weeks.

Here’s How This is Going to BE.

A Snippet Of What I’ll Be Exposing At The 1-Week Live Sales Generating, Money Printing and Millionaire Making Program…

Part 1: UN-FUCK YOUR MONEY MINDSET (Preparing your mind for a Million Bucks)

Everybody wants to make a million bucks and feel like a millionaire but not everybody will be a millionaire no matter how hard they try because of their MINDSET…

Coming from Nigeria, (The poverty capital of the world),

Subconsciously, you must have imbibed a certain money belief system that affects your ability to make and control a huge amount of money.

A lot of people still think money is evil and even the root of all evil.

In fact, they think rich people are evil people…

And this mentality prevents so many people from making the money of their dreams and living the life that they truly deserve…

Because it all starts in the mind and I’ll prove it to you…

And while I prove it to you, I’ll also help you train your mind for abundance while you’ll be able to manifest large amounts of money into reality.

This part will help you

  • Unscrew those rusted bolts of terrible money background and belief systems and teach you how MONEY works in the Real-world.

  • Unlearn And Relearn new thought patterns and money habits that will catapult you to a mindset of abundance.


After you’ve learned how money works…


It seems to me that what you should do next is figure out how to get it… a lot of it because…

The money you want is in the hands of people…

And to get it, you need to figure out how to make them give it to you..


Without begging or even looking desperate at all but with SELLING.


What you want to do is make them come to you in droves begging you to take their money…


Sounds Impossible right?


That’s what I thought until I had to start turning down clients one after the other even after begging me to work with them….


There’s a secret behind this…. And it’s not even about selling the best product or service..

It has to do with.



Offers that make people feel stupid if they say NO!


And that’s what the second part of the secret strategy is all about


It will show you; 


-How you can craft offers that people can never refuse.. 


-And How you can make them feel stupid if they say NO.. 


-and Make them feel uncomfortable until they finally buy what you are selling. (It sounds diabolical but it’s completely ethical)


-And also “Get them to buy over and over again”... ….generating recurring profits for your business.


If you can do this, you’ll be able to seduce people into paying you over and over again… and they won’t even realize what you are doing.




When I discovered this strategy, I made a vow to myself never to chase customers again….


All I now do is position myself properly and they literally start chasing me with money in their hands.


And that's exactly what you should be doing…


This module is to help you know where and how to get the right clients to pay you.


 It's time to stop begging clients to buy and have them come in their numbers with a big calabash of money in their hands.


Everything you need to know from


  • Knowing if you’re even in the right business and Selecting the right one.


  • Creating the perfect growth plan for your business


  • Get into your customer's heads and find out exactly what will make them dip their hands into their pocket and pay you their hard-earned money


  • Understanding marketing and advertising; How to use Facebook and Instagram to automatically get a flood of customers that will pay you money even while you sleep. You don’t even have to be there, that’s what I do.


Everything I’ve learned in Sales and Marketing over 6 years from hands-on experience and by spending thousands of dollars in courses and masterminds.


In this module, I talk about

  • 5 Secret Magic Keys to Close Sales


  • The Secret Money Making Science of Remote-Control Persuasion


  • Manipulative but Ethical Objection Handling Signals that allows you to use customer complaints as an avenue to make them want to pay you even more. After this module, It would be impossible for clients to tell you "I'll Get Back To You"

  • Understanding powerful customer psychology, sales habits and buyer conventions.


  • How to create Profitable Marketing strategies that start bringing money from day 1on any marketing channel even if you have zero  marketing experience.


You’ll learn how to command money from people who have never met you or even heard of you.


And that’s not even all.

As a Bonus, If you enroll for the training now, You’ll  get;



  • Access to my all-time best Personal branding course of all time that extensively shows you how to cut through all the noise, hacks and other b.s out there and  “Build a Highly Profitable Brand in 30 days” 


  • access to a support group that will keep you accountable and track your goals to make sure you actually hit the 1 million naira goal.…


  • 90-days access to me and all the perks that comes with it (Priceless)


  • Connection with like-minded business owners, freelancers and most importantly past millionaires generated from the program where they share their insights, what’s worked and is working for them and how they can help you.



  • Special access to become a member of  my premium email newsletter where I share dark and profitable sales and marketing strategies used by big business owners.



There’s still so much more in this training I have reserved for you to witness firsthand for yourself and see that this is as easy as I say it is. 


This training has made several millionaires in just 3 months and here’s what some of them have to say.








After watching those emotional testimonials, I’m sure you are convinced that you can make 1 Million Naira in 6 short weeks and I’m the guy to help you do it.


Here’s my offer to you.


Instead of paying the usual N45,000 for this training,


I know times are tough right now and you may be struggling with the challenging economy.


Maybe you don’t have enough to afford the N45,000 fee, (which will definitely change after this training)


I have purposely priced this program so low so that YOU can afford to attend and I am committed to help you make at least 1 million naira in just 6 weeks.


Your one-time Investment to be a part of this Intensive Millionaire Generating Training is just N20,000.


And here’s the fun part; You don’t need to have any Sales Knowledge or Experience before now. 


SInce I’m trying to make the decision to join this cohort as easy and effortless for you as possible.


I rarely do this but I’ll GRANT you a Strong Money  Back Guarantee, right here, right now.


If you make a commitment of N20,000 and you register for this training now.


You get access to all the course materials, become a part of the cohort, implement everything I teach and after 6 weeks, you still don’t hit your 1 million naira goal?



Just ask for a full refund… And you’ll get every penny of your money back instantly with no questions asked and a sincere handwritten public apology from me for wasting your time.


I’ll respect your decision no matter what


And you can get to keep everything I’ll be teaching in the training for free.


PLUS, I’ll also work with you on your business for FREE until you hit the goal.


So you have no excuse to remain there and continue to complain about not making enough money.


Click the Big Black button if you’re ready to become a millionaire in just 6 weeks.






The difference between success and failure is not talent...


Not Intelligence…


Not Connections…


Not even Money…


But Action.


And now more than ever…


You have everything you need to hit 1 million naira in the next 6 weeks….


6 weeks from now…


You could be nothing more than 1 and a half months older …


Or you could be enjoying the financial rewards of a smart decision you made today.


The choice is up to you.





More people have a lot to say about this training, Take a look



ABOUT Sales Man Obi


My name is Nnamdi-Obi and people call me Sales Man Obi thanks to my success in the real-life trenches of Business, Sales, Design and Marketing for over 6 years.

Apart from making Millionaires, I am a Digital Marketing Expert, Growth Strategist, and a Product Designer.

I help business owners, freelancers, and personal brands achieve more sales, and increase their client base and their business profits using digital transformation tools and sales strategies.

Working with me, here’s what you are GUARANTEED to get.

  • Make more sales in your business and Smash you Financial Goals

  • Increase your Customer and Client base in multiple folds

  • 10X Your Profit in a ver Short Time

  • Develop New Strategies to Grow your Brand, Business and Skills.

  • Teach you how to Sell Like Crazy even if you don’t know anything about sales.

To Get Started With The 1 Million Naira Roadmap, click the button below.


I have helped several entrepreneurs like you and here’s what  more people have to say about my teachings





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